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The On Job Training Center, was established in April 2004 in order to promote trainees and graduates of the Bahrain Training Institute (BTI) as the best choice for employment in both the private and the government sector. This promotion service is one of the most important services offered to trainees and graduates to assist them in entering the labor market and to decide on their future career. On the job training may be considered as a natural result of cooperation between the BTI Institute and both the public and private sectors to facilitate on the job training opportunities for trainees in all disciplines. This will provide them with opportunity to be able to practice their specialization during the study period in a professional and realistic work environment. This is done in accordance to certain conditions and roles and a direct joint supervision by the BTI and the institutions providing OJT. However, OJT is also considered as a mandatory training course for obtaining a national diploma.

Objectives of the On Job Training Center

The main objectives of the On Job Training Center are as follows:

• Seek to align the training outputs of the BTI with the requirements of the labor market

• To deepen the trainee's understanding of the practical subject by linking it to the academic, theoretical and training dimension that the trainee receives with practical applications in the work environment

• Providing trainees with the opportunity to gain practical experience, which may lead to improving his/her skills and enhancing their chances of obtaining a future job, as well as getting used to the responsibilities related to a future job

• Give the trainee a clear view and understanding of the professional work environment and the skills required and how to develop them and how to overcome related obstacles.

• To allow corporates obtain a better understanding the BTI’s trainees which may lead to a thoughtful and realistic impression of the BTI’s training outcomes.

• Providing the training departments of the BTI with the proper feedback regarding the suitability of its training programs and practical applications in the real work environment, and providing them with the appropriate insights about the needs and requirements of the local labor market

• Promote the level of cooperation between BTI and the private and public sectors

• Marketing BTI’s trainees and graduates as being the first choice for employment in private and government institutions

Services provided by the On Job Training Center

The following are some of the services provided by the OJT center:

1- Trainees: Awareness Week: During each academic semester, the OJT center conducts an informative awareness week, which aims at preparing trainees to enter the labor market, during which trainees can learn how to deal with a future job

2- On Job Training: The trainees are coached on about the initial steps required by the work environment. The trainee's enrollment in the OJT training course contributes greatly to increasing the percentage of their employment opportunities. At this stage, the trainee will be visited twice by the Center's councilors on site and meet with the training supervisor in order to evaluate the trainee's performance and to monitor their progress

3- Employment: Training consultants in the OJT center provide quality services to private and public institutions. These services are to assist the concerned institutions in selecting suitable candidates from trainees or graduates to fill the suitable position. The Center seeks to provide employment opportunities in accordance with the approved regulations of the concerned corporate.

4- Career guidance:

a. Vocational guidance on employment: The councilors at the OJT center encourage and motivate trainees and graduates to apply for jobs available in the labor market. The Center also seeks to provide support during the period of probationary period of the BTI’s graduates to harmonize the relationship between the employer and Trainees. This guidance contributes to promoting and increasing the level of job awareness and professional behavior of the trainees, where the trainees are assisted in how to craft their resumes and introduce them to the importance of interviewing skills

b. OJT related Vocational guidance: Trainee is briefed on the importance of the commitment, the code of ethics related to work, how to deal with and solve problems. Trainees are also instructed on how to deal with challenges and difficulties encountered in the work environment. The trainee is also instructed on the importance of the confidentiality of the information related to the corporate they are working for, and the importance of adhering to the health and safety regulations in the work environment and comply with all the policies of the institution and contained in the internal regulations of the institution

5- Career Week event: this event is held annually under the patronage of His Excellency Minister of Education Dr. Majid bin Ali Al- Naimi. This exhibition is one of the most important events organized by the Bahrain Training Institute. It aims at attracting the largest number possible of companies and institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The exhibition plays a key role in highlighting the role of the BTI and its contribution to the qualifying trainees that meet the requirements of the labor market.

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