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Head of ITS statement:                                                                              

We, at the Institutions’ Training Section (ITS) aspires to be part of a success story, by training Bahrainis to be the first choice in employment, and enabling the human element to become the primary engine of economic growth.
We have set ourselves the task of facilitating change in this vital field, based on our belief in the capabilities and talents of Bahrainis. Our ultimate goal is to give the kingdom of Bahrain skilled and self-confident national manpower, therefore, we are offering programs that focuses on needs of the private and public sectors, offering the two sectors solutions to the challenges they may face, and providing them the capabilities and tools necessary to create sustainable business projects.
The ITS work is based on principles of cooperation; team spirit relying on the professional characteristics of each employee, always seeking to provide the best.
It is with the support and guidance of Director General of the Institute, relying on other outstanding efforts, all ITS employees are keen to provide high quality products.

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