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LRC Location

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) was built during the establishment of Bahrain Training Institute (BTI) in 1992. It aims to provide print and electronic learning resources and environment conducive for research and study. LRC follows an approach in developing and executing its operations in order to provide the necessary support to trainees and staff.

Facilities and Services

The following are the important services and facilities provided by the LRC for its users :

CollectionsCollections Collections

The available references and collections consist of Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Atlases and other materials in addition to books and materials in various disciplines in Engineering, IT, Art and Literature. More than 10,000 volumes are intended for borrowing. All collections are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification System. The subject, title, author and the call number can easily be determined through the Open Access Catalog available in the LRC portal. Restrictions in borrowing materials are applied.

Web Portal with Open Access Catalog

The LRC provides a web portal with some essential features related to facilitating the search for free e-books and scientific journals. The portal has a customized Open Access Catalog / Search Engine to enable the users to search for specific reference from the 10,000 books available at the LRC. This search system is available on all the computers of the LRC and on the local Intranet. The user may also refer to circulation desk where librarian can provide the same service.

Membership Requirements

Trainees and trainers are entitled to LRC membership which will provide them access to all resources. To be a member, the trainees are required to fill out a membership form. The form is to be submitted to the responsible staff in the circulation desk of LRC.

Borrowing System

Trainees and trainers with valid membership are entitled to borrow resources, except references intended for library use only. Trainees are allowed to borrow two books for two weeks, while trainers are permitted to borrow 10 books for one semester. Individuals who are not members may be allowed to use the resources within the premises of LRC.

Missing/Lost/Damaged Resources

Books and other materials available at LRC are the properties of BTI. Lost or damaged resource is the responsibility of the member. LRC shall implement an appropriate action against the member for any lost or damaged material. Any borrower is required to report immediately any lost book or resource. S/He must provide another copy of the same lost material or pay its cost in addition to BD5.00 admin fee for reclassification.


Late Charges: A fee of 100 fils will be charged daily for overdue books within 15 days after the due date. First warning will also be issued. After 15 days, 200 fils will be charged on each day and second warning will be issued. Note: Fines will be paid at the Admission and Registration Office’s cashier. If fines are not paid, graduation clearance form will not be approved; hence, certificate will not be issued to the trainee.

Computers with Internet Access

There are more than 22 computers at the LRC with easy access to the Internet. These computers have the same set of software as the IT and other engineering computer labs to enable users to research and prepare their projects and assignments. In addition, the LRC provides free and open access WiFi. Portable devices can be used to access the Internet.

The Helpdesk

The librarians are available at the helpdesk to provide the necessary guidance and assistance to the users. They are mainly responsible to:
• Coordinate with the training divisions for the acquisition of new resources
• Catalogue and classify the resources
• Manage register, and follow up the borrowing operation
• Follow-up the delay of book return and issue the fines and warnings
• Evaluate and keep record of the physical condition of the books
• Coordinate with the Vocational Guidance and Counseling Division in providing information about the LRC’s services and procedures to the secondary schools and other visitors of BTI
• Ensure that all LRC rules and regulations are implemented

Opening Hours

The LRC is open from Sunday to Thursday every week from 7:30 am to 3:30pm. Any changes in the timing is to be announced on the electronic screens, BTI website, and the Trainees Affairs Directorate’s noticeboards.

Important Instructions

1. Smoking and bringing of food and drinks are not allowed inside the centre.
2. Members must be quiet while in the center.
3. LRC is not responsible for any personal property left behind at the centre.
4. After use, resources must be handed over to the concerned staff member or left on the designated areas.
5. Members must keep the center clean at all times.
6. Members must take good care of borrowed items and refrain from writing on them or tearing them up.
7. Members must switch mobile phones off or leave them to silent mode once inside the center.
8. The centre is provided with a magnetic device in order to help secure its property.
9. Non-compliance to the rules and regulations of LRC may lead to the rejection of membership and the withdrawal of all privileges. Legal action may also apply.