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Welcome in the Learning Resources Center (LRC) at Bahrain Training Institute..

LRC continue to provide its services and resources electronically, due to the persistence of Covid-19 pandemic situation. As part of BTI team, we are committed to implement the health precautions and measures as instructed and approved by the responsible authorities.
Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of our electronic services through all our channels that we prepared for you to facilitate your study or work from home.
You can access LRC system (Koha) available through this website. In this system you can search our books collection database and access the selected websites gathered for you to access free e-books, scientific journals, and open video materials. For more information and assistance on how to benefit from our services, you can e-mail us on staff.lrc@bti.moe.bh, or chat with us directly on Koha. Furthermore, we encourage you to follow BTI’s Instagram account to check our news and developments.

LRC Main Services:

LRC aims to provide quality printed and electronic learning resources for its users in Bahrain Training Institute. LRC is committed to prepare a conducive environment for research and study for all BTI community. LRC follows a special approach in developing and executing its operations to achieve the objectives set in BTI’s strategic plan. The following are the main services provided by the LRC:

The Library (Books Collection):

The LRC preserves a good collection of books and major references that consist of more than 7,000 titles in various disciplines: Engineering, IT, art, literature and other fields of knowledge.


The majority of books are available for borrowing, except for some special references. Trainees who have valid membership are allowed to borrow two books at a time for two weeks (renewable) when no reservation request is placed on the borrowed books. Reservation of books and placing hold requests is allowed for a period of two days to collect.
At the end of each training semester, the LRC holds the borrowing to the trainees for maintenance and inventory purposes. The borrowing operation resume at the beginning of each semester.
* Visitors can only view the books and other references inside the LRC building. Borrowing is not allowed for non-members.

The Membership:

The trainees can register for LRC membership manually by attending to LRC’s helpdesk and filling the membership form or by filling the electronic form available on (Koha). Trainee membership period is naturally the same period as his/her training program. Click the link below for online registration instructions:
Online Membership Registration Instructions

Fines of the late return of books:

In case of not returning the borrowed book(s) on time (overdue), an overdue notice will be issued for the trainee and sent over the e-mail. Moreover, LRC staff might call to notify the trainee for the same. In case the book(s) is not returned, a fee of 100 fils for each day of delay is counted and a warning letter is issued. In case the book(s) were not returned after one month, the book will be considered lost and procedure of lost material will apply.

Lost or Damaged Resources:

In case the borrowed book is lost, the trainee should report this immediately to the LRC staff to stop counting the overdue fine. The trainee will be charged with the book price plus BD 5 for purchasing and reclassification, in addition to the overdue fine counted. Otherwise, the trainee should bring another (exact) copy of the lost book with paying for the overdue fine.
However, if the trainee write inside the book or damage it in any way, the case will be transferred to the disciplinary committee that will decide the penalties, which might lead to membership withdrawal and more strict financial measures.
Fines must be paid at the cashier available in the Admission and Registration building. Not paying the fines will result in blocking the issuance of the certificates.

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC):

LRC through its new Library Management System (Koha) provides an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) webpage with some essential features for its users. The OPAC page provides a searching tool to navigate through our books collection database that consists of more than 7,000 books in many disciplines and specializations. Moreover, it provides the users with direct links to carefully selected websites providing free e-books, scientific journals, and even video materials. The OPAC is accessible through the Intranet inside BTI and through BTI’s website when outside the campus.

Special LRC Publications:

To encourage BTI’s community to research read more, the LRC publishes some leaflets and other materials on the OPAC page on regular bases. We also publish LRC’s news and the important announcements, therefore we encourage the trainees to keep checking the OPAC regularly.

Computers with Internet Access

There are more than 22 computers at the LRC with open access to the Internet. These computers have the same set of software as the engineering, IT, and art labs to enable users to research and prepare their projects and assignments. In addition, the LRC provides open access to WiFi service, to enable the users to use their portable devices. However, the password must be requested from the circulation desk in the center.

The Circulation Desk

The librarians at the circulation desk are available to provide the necessary guidance and assistance for the users to locate the required resources. The librarians provide other services, such as:
• Manage, register, and follow up with the borrowings.
• Follow-up the delay of books return and issue the fines and warnings.
• Evaluate and keep record of the physical condition of the books.
• Coordinate with the training divisions for the acquisition of new resources.
• Coordinate with the Vocational Guidance and Counseling Division in providing information about the LRC’s services and procedures to the secondary schools and other visitors of BTI.
• Ensure that all LRC rules and regulations are adhered to.

Opening Hours

The LRC is open from Sunday to Thursday every week from 7:30 am to 3:30pm. Any changes in the timing is to be announced through LRC’s system (Koha), the advertisement screens, and the Directorate of Trainees Affairs noticeboards.

Important Instructions

• Health instructions (wearing masks, sanitization and implementing the social distancing) are compulsory when attending to the LRC building.
• Smoking and bringing of food and drinks are not allowed inside the center.
• Attendees must be quiet while in the center.
• LRC is not responsible for any personal property left behind at the center.
• After use, resources must be handed over to the concerned staff member or left on the designated areas.
• Members must keep the center clean at all times.
• Members must take good care of borrowed items and refrain from writing on them or tearing them up.
• Members must switch mobile phones off or leave them to silent mode once inside the center.
Non-compliance with the rules and regulations mentioned, may lead to membership withdrawal and further disciplinary actions depending on the case.