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Training Affairs Directorate for Business and Art

The Directorate for Business and Art offers multiple disciplines in business, art and design, travel and tourism, professional development qualifications, and customized courses. Through the varied programmes, trainees have the opportunity to develop their skills and gain practical experience that will prepare them to join the next generation of competitive and productive workforce of the business and creative communities.

Training Divisions

• Art and Design

• Commercial Studies

• Communication and Language

• Travel and Tourism Academic


The division offers accredited programmes that meet the demands of the creative industries. It hones the artistic skills of trainees who would like to pursue their career in the design industry.


• Extended Diploma in Art and Design (Graphic Design)

• Extended Diploma in Art and Design (3D Design)

Connect with us:

Mariam Alroomi

Head of Division - Office: 17870944

Amal Al.Ebo

Secretary - Office: 17870945


The Commercial Studies Division recruits and prepares trainees for successful business career. Over the years, it offers courses that match the industry demand and maintains linkage with international awarding bodies.


• Extended Diploma in Business (Accounting)

• Extended Diploma in Business (Human Resource)

• Higher National Diploma in Business (Accounting)

• Higher National Diploma in Business (Human Resource)

• Diploma in Business Administration (New)

• NVQ Diploma in Business Administration (New)

• CIPD (Levels 3 and 5)

• Associate in Accounting Technology (AAT)

Connect with us:

Jacob Nel

Head of the Division/Office: 17842300

Sawsan Al Awsti

Secretary/Office: 17842301


The Communication and Language Division offers curricula tailored to the needs of the workforce in different industries. If focuses on a wide range of courses in General English and English for Specific Purposes.


• General English (Starter-Advanced)

• Basic English for Engineering

• Basic English for IT

• Basic English for Art and Design

• English for Tourism (Pre-intermediate-Intermediate)

• English for Engineering

• English for IT

• English for Art and Design

• English for Business

• Business Communication

• Advanced English for Engineering

• Advanced English for Business

• Advanced English for Information Technology

• Technical Report Writing

Connect with us:

Dr. Sofia Ligawen

Acting HOD/Office: 17870960

Khadija Al Shaik

Secretary/Office: 17870959


Travel and Tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. It has not only become a major source of revenue for governments and the private sectors but also provides employment to millions of people worldwide directly and indirectly through many associated service industries. The travel and tourism industry offers many job opportunities in airlines, travel houses, hotels, civil aviation affairs, government tourism offices, immigration and custom services, and many associated service industries like tourism promotion and sales and tourism guides and airline catering that require well trained and enthusiastic industry professionals.

The rapid expansion in the field of travel and tourism coupled with the growing demand for well trained staff prompted Bahrain Training Institute to set up a Travel Academy in 2007. The Academy aims to equip the Bahraini youths with the required skills and knowledge in the field of travel and tourism. Since its inception, the Travel Academy trained staff of various airlines, travel agents, and novices to gain internationally recognized qualifications.


• Diploma in Travel and Tourism Operations (DTTO)

• Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (ADTTM)

Connect with us:

S.Haytham Alawi

Head of the Division/Office: 17870941

Safia Jaffar A. Hussain

Secretary/Office: 17870940